You have now set yourself up for something great. You have set up your portfolio, hustling with some side projects to give you experience and provide value. The last stop is the “Job Offer” itself. Part-3 will be the last of the mini-series to transition to a product role. Here, I will share tips on, what’s next and how to choose roles keeping your interests in mind.

This is the continuation of the series of transitioning to a Product role from any background with zero product experience. You have made small steps towards your journey and have started doing some product management tasks, reading books, engaging with the product communities around you. Now in this part, we take the next step, of building a portfolio to create value.

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The Product Manager’s greatest value in any organization is to influence. We have no direct managerial responsibilities over team members. Communication skills are a must and presentation skills are then, a must-have. Here I have written my thoughts on how Junior/ Associate product managers can become better at presenting.

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This article will try to explain what is product-market fit, how to achieve it, and explore the ways to conduct and measure it.

1. What is Product-Market fit?

To start, have a read at Marc Andreessen’s “On product/market fit…

Priority is a question of goals. If you’re directing the ‘What should I prioritize first? The answer you’ll likely receive is ‘well, what do you want to do?’

I have had many people reach out to me asking about my experience from the Product Management Certifications I did from Product School and followed with Udacity. Here, I explain how these courses helped me to break into Product Management, but this is no secret sauce, it helps you to get started and one can start building on it.

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manav chugh

I am a product enthusiast working as a Product Manager. I have a brain of an engineer, the heart of a designer, and the speech of a diplomat.

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