• Thomas Ziegelbecker

    Thomas Ziegelbecker

    Hi, I’m a Product Management enthusiast at Dynatrace, a dad, a husband, and an idealist who believes that we can make the world a better place.

  • Gopi Krishnamurthy

    Gopi Krishnamurthy

    VP of Engineering | CTO

  • Ragini Bharadwaj

    Ragini Bharadwaj

    Writing about my learnings as a designer and personal growth.

  • Nife Oluyemi

    Nife Oluyemi

    /neefeh/. Engineering @ Twitter. Seeking Focus. Passionate about Design, Development, Cloud Computing, Resume Editing, and BetterBrain. Views are mine.

  • Julia Wissel

    Julia Wissel

  • Srivats


    Gamer | Novice Writer | Trekker | Technophile

  • Juliano Costa

    Juliano Costa

    Creative thinker, Software engineer, learner

  • Himadri Debnath

    Himadri Debnath

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